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Thursday, August 9, 2007

Funny Events In August

Today while browsing I came across the list of events in August. I found name of some of these event very hilarious(may be they are festivals .. I am not sure what they are). Following is the list

  • Girlfriend's Day (1st August)
  • Grab Some Nuts Day(3rd August)
  • Work Like A Dog Day(3rd August)
  • Blackmail Day(5th August)
  • Try Hypnosis Day(5th August)
  • Refrigerator Day(8th August)
  • Send An Email Day(9th August)
  • Play In The Sand Day(11th August)
  • Tomato Festival (California)(11th August)
  • Watermelon Festival (Oklahoma)(11th August)
  • Chinese Valentine's Day(19th August)
  • Stay Home With Your Kids Day(20th August)
  • Just Because Day(27th August)
  • Eat Outside Day(31st August)
How many have you heard about. Do you know about any other such day, if yes leave those in comments.

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