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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

10 Signs You're Dealing With A Dumb Criminal

  1. He took public transportation to and from his bank robbery.
  2. He is using his seeing eye dog as a look-out.
  3. Instead of a cherry pie, she shoplifted yeast, flour, eggs, and a jar of cherries.
  4. You caught him driving a stolen car with "The Club" still on.
  5. He tries to convince you that he thought crack was a breakfast cereal.
  6. He responds to your use of verbal force with a bunch of "Yo'momma" oneliners.
  7. He makes himself laugh every time he says he's innocent.
  8. He claims diplomatic immunity because he's a citizen of the Republic of Texas.
  9. He asks the judge for a senior citizen discount on his 7-year sentence.
  10. He left footprints and a bloody glove at the crime scene.

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