Saturday, October 25, 2008

Golf Nut

This couple had been married 35 years, and every Sunday the husband would go golfing with his friends. He NEVER missed a day.

This Sunday, however, as he is getting ready to go his wife says, "No, you can't go golfing today. I want you to stay around the house, maybe help me weed."

He did the only logical thing: He pulled out his 7-iron and beat her to death with it. Then, being a good citizen, he called the cops. The chief of the cops asked the husband what happened.

The man tells the cop ther whole story. "And when she said I couldn't go golfing I freaked out. I took my 7-iron and hit her over the head with it until she died."

The cop says, "I understand. But I need to ask for my report: How many times did you hit her?"

The man answers, "Nine times, but tell the guys it was only four."

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