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Saturday, October 18, 2008

An Intelligent Blond At Last

A male and female driver are involved in a horrific collision.
As they crawl from the wreckage, the man sees the woman is blonde and beautiful. She turns to him and gushes breathily: “We shouldn’t have survived that. Maybe it’s a sign from God that we’re meant to be together!”

The man stammers back, “Oh yes, I agree completely!”

“And look,” she continues. “Though my car was destroyed, this bottle of wine is intact, too! It’s another sign. Let’s drink to our love!”

“Well, OK!’ says the man. She offers him the bottle, so he downs half and hands it back.
“Your turn,” he says.

“No, thanks,” says the woman, “I think I’ll just wait for the police.”


  1. ... I don't get it. Lol, ironic, I'm blode. Call me a dumb blonde and you... will... DIE! No kidding, I'm a stalker.

  2. He'll get busted for drinking and driving by the cops and blamed for the crash.
    Guys can be too easy :)


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