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Monday, January 5, 2009

Funny Math Question Paper


  1. WHOA
    Thats actually...pretty cool and very clever

  2. That is cool. I actually got all but number 4. I was like, how is that possible???!!!

  3. fake. would have been funny id it was real.

  4. Actually for 2 I would have put a cross through the equal sign. Therefore 5+5+5 does not equal 550.

    For number 4 I would have drawn a rectangle using three lines and the end of the box where the question is.

    As for 1, that's not very "logical". Actually that's the opposite of logical considering that has to be learned through society.

  5. you could do number two in another way- you could put the line through the = sign to make it "does not equal"


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