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Friday, January 2, 2009

Share Your EMails With forwardOn.com

forwardOn.com is a cool new way to Go Green and earn free rewards by sharing fun email forwards online. Its lots of FUN and automatically prevents email viruses, scams, clogged unboxes and wasted storage.

ForwardOn provides following key benefits :

1. Prevent accidental viruses and hoax email. forwardOn eliminates the risk of spreading viruses accidentally to friends and family. Plus, the user community on forwardOn actively comments and flags hoax emails

2. Prevents clogging friend's inboxes with huge attachments.

3. Green by forwardOn optimizing email content on their website to conserve enormous amount of bandwidth, storage and power that is wasted when we forward fun emails directly to friends.

4. Earn free rewards or donate to charity. On forwardOn, you earn points everytime your email is viewed. You can redeem the points for great rewards like iTunes and Amazon gift cards or donate to charity.

5. Its lots of fun : Users can share their fun emails and see what others around the world are sharing.

forwardOn is FREE and very simple to use:

Users can share fun emails (videos, funny pictures, jokes, attachments) by simply forwarding the email to share@forwardon.com. forwardOn will automatically clean up the email content and post it on their website within few seconds.

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