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Thursday, January 15, 2009

That's The Way My Brother Drives

Two men were driving down a city street, as they approach a red stop light, the man driving speeds up and drives through a red light.

Shocked, the passenger yells, "What are you doing!"

The driver just responds in a casual tone, "That's the way my brother drives."

As they continue down the street, they again came upon another red stop light and again the drive speeds through the intersection.

Again the passenger yells, "What are you doing!"

The driver says, "That's the way my brother drives".

Not too long after that, they came upon a green light.

The driver quickly slams on his breaks and comes to a complete stop just before the intersection.

The angry passenger screams, "It's a green light!"

The driver says, "Yes, but my brother might be coming the other way!"

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