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Monday, January 5, 2009

Understanding Girls

  • There are many good things in life, like cars, money, and weed. But if you want something confusing, a girl is all you need.
  • A girl doesn't say what she wants, but you're somehow supposed to know. If they want to do this or do that, stay here, stay there, or just go.
  • Then there's the time, you all know what I mean, that monthly little joy. That lets them abuse the crap out of you, just for being a boy.
  • If you ever dare look at another girl, they seem to scream, go on, and panic. But watch how fast they ignore you, at the sight of that queer from Titanic.
  • They give you questions like "Am I fat?", and "If you could go with one of my friends, who?". There is no answer, face the facts, you are definitely through.
  • They take nothing and blow it up, and make a tremendous fuss. So girls, no matter what you think, you are just as hard to understand as us.

1 comment:

  1. Hell yeah to the last one, my girlfriend exploded because I went to a b-ball game with my friend, and she felt I was choosing him over her. We didn't have any plans that night.


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