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Thursday, September 24, 2009

April Fool Food

1. Scoop a small hole in an apple with the end of a spoon and insert a sweet gummy worm – yuck!

2. If your family eats O-shaped cereal, thread them all onto a piece of string and put them back in the box.

3. Make a fake ‘fried egg’. Arrange a spoonful of natural yoghurt in an oval on a plate. Pop an apricot half in the middle. Serve it up to your family with a rasher of real bacon.

4. Make some jelly following the instructions on the packet. Before it sets, pour the jelly into glasses. Pop a straw into each one and put in the fridge. Wait until your jelly sets before you serve up your ‘fruit squash’. Watch your guests try to drink it!

5. Put an empty eggshell upside down in an eggcup and surprise someone with a boiled egg that’s got nothing inside.

6. If your milk comes in cartons, turn it blue with a few drops of food colouring. No one will notice until they pour it out.

7. Serve a scoop of mashed potato in an ice cream cone – tell your guests it’s vanilla-flavoured ice cream.

8. With a pin, pierce several holes in a drinking straw, then pop it in a glass of squash.

9. Put plastic wrap over the top of a glass of milk, and watch the confusion as someone puts it to their lips.

10. Swap the sugar and salt over.

11. Scrape the butter icing from the middle of a biscuit and replace it with toothpaste. If toothpast doesn’t sound like a good idea to you, use ketchup or mustard instead.

12. Add food coloring to water to make it look like a glass of juice or punch.

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