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Thursday, June 17, 2010

10 Signs That You Might Be An Idiot

  1. You type ‘there’ when you mean ‘their’.
  2. You press the already lit elevator button.
  3. You get two pizzas, both half cheese and half pepperoni.
  4. You get confused by the Starbucks cup sizes.
  5. You think that cats are smart because they are aloof.
  6. You are a self-professed vegetarian who eats fish.
  7. You have a nervous breakdown when asked to not use the word ‘like’ so often.
  8. You send out your resume on cute stationery.
  9. You think you are saving money by buying things you don’t need during a sale.
  10. You blame all your failures on anyone but yourself.


  1. True...very, very, true.

  2. I'm not confused by Starbucks' naming scheme. I just don't care to learn the pretentious renaming of small, medium and large.


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