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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Are Boys Stronger Than Girls ?

Boy: Boys are stronger than girls.

Girl: Oh! Please, can you carry a 7 pound baby in your belly for 9 months? Can you cook, clean and talk on the phone at the same time? Can you walk all day in 5 inch heels? Can you cry all night then wake up the next morning like everything is okay??

Remember guys, woman are only helpless until their nail polish dries :)


  1. 1. First of all, the baby is not seven pounds the whole 9 months, and I'd love to accept that challenge about carrying a baby in my stomach, but I stopped eating babies a while ago.
    2. Why would men want to curl our hair?
    3. We don't feel the need to torture ourselves with heels if we feel insecure.
    4. Men don't cry, the society don't expect us to. We keep bottling up everything inside...That's why men don't live as long as you.

    We didn't choose our gender, nationality, DOB or even our parents. There is nothing to be proud about things you got by default, Be proud of things you got because you earned them !

  2. Well men carry a 7.7 lb rifle in the desert for seven months, along with an additional 60+ lbs of gear, with the same unwashed cammies, combat boots, and no sign of a shower in sight...constantly running around the second the shit hits the fan, and knowing exactly what to do in a matter of life or death, when bullets are flying mere inches above our heads...we go home and act like nothing had ever happened...and yet women cry for hours at night because your man didn't tell you that you were the best thing in the world before you went to sleep. Try that on for size women.

    1. You are aware that there are women in the army also right?

  3. I agree, women are in the army. And wemom cry because you men use us. It's hard to find the right guy, who doesn't flatter themselves like you


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