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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Parents Need To Communicate

A woman and her son were in the doctors surgery one day when her son leapt out of his chair and shouted: “MOM! I want to go for a piss!”. Embarrassed she quickly took her son to the toilet and helped relieve him. The next day at the supermarket the same thing happened. The boy screamed to go for another piss. All the other customers stared at her. Again, looking sheepish she took him to the loo.
At home she told her son “You’ve really got to stop saying you need to go for a piss. It’s really rude. Why don’t you say “I want to sing a song” instead? Don’t worry I’ll know what you mean. ” A little confused the boy agrees to do as his mother has asked.
A couple of days later they’re in the library together when says “MOM! I want to sing a song!”, his mother happily takes him to the restroom. That weekend, the boy spends the night with his father. The boy wakes up in the middle of the night and tells his father “Dad, I want to sing a song!”. The dad replies sleepily “What? At this hour? Don’t be silly”. The boy says “But I really want to sing!”. The father says angrily ” But you’ll wake the neighbors!”. The boy begins to cry and the father relents ” (sigh) Ok. Ok. If you really want to, you can sing quietly into my ear”

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