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Friday, June 15, 2012

Description Of Men

  1. He does not have a beer gut ...He has developed a liquid grain storage facility.
  2. He is not a bad dancer ...He is overly caucasian.
  3. He does not get lost all the time ...He investigates alternative destinations.
  4. He is not balding ...He is in follicle regression.
  5. He is not a cradle robber ...He prefers generationally differential relationships.
  6. He does not get falling-down drunk ...He becomes accidentally horizontal.
  7. He does not act like a total ass ...He develops a case of rectal-cranial inversion.
  8. He is not a male chauvinist pig ...He has swine empathy.
  9. He is not afraid of commitment ...He is monogamously challenged.
  10. He is not horny ...He is sexually focused.
  11. It's not his crack you see when he bends over ...It is male cleavage.

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