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Thursday, January 29, 2009


A cowboy walked into a bar, sat down and asked for a shot, across was a Mexican man sitting there glaring at the cowboy.

The cowboy took the shot and slammed the shot glass down on the counter and yelled, ‘TGIF’

The Mexican ordered a shot, took it and slammed his glass down and yelled, SPIT’

The cowboy looked over at him and noticed that the Mexican man was still staring at him!

The cowboy once again ordered another shot, slammed it down and yelled again, ‘TGIF’

and once again the Mexican ordered his shot, slammed his shot glass down after consuming it and yelled out, ‘SPIT’

This went on for a while, and the bartender stood there and watched this go on, finally annoyed by it, the bartender asked the cowboy, ‘Ya know, just checking but do you know what TGIF means ??? and the cowboy replied Hell ya, I know what it means,

‘thank god it ’s friday !

And then the bartender went up to the Mexican man and said okay so what does SPIT mean and the Mexican replied…..

’stupid pendejo it’s Thursday!’

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