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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Top 30 Reasons Why Cars Are Better Than Women

  1. You can look at pictures of nice cars all you want to and not feel like a pervert.
  2. You can lust after another car and your current car won't care.
  3. You can hang any kind of car picture in your dorm room and not get in trouble.
  4. Women can't go 200 miles per hour.
  5. A woman can't carry four of your friends on a road trip.
  6. You can replace your car any time you want and not feel bad.
  7. A car doesn't have girlfriend cars that will talk about you and tell her that you are not good for her.
  8. You can't install sub-woofers in a woman.
  9. You can rub and wax a car in your driveway and not get arrested.
  10. Car's don't care if you leave them in the garage overnight.
  11. Cars don't care if you go on a trip for three weeks and don't call them.
  12. I f you are nice enough, your friend will almost always let you borrow their car.
  13. You can get together with friends and compare cars and not sound like pigs.
  14. Car's don't get mad at you for no reason every 28 days.
  15. You can have two cars at once and they won't be jealous of each other.
  16. Cars don't have relatives that you have to be nice to.
  17. You can always test drive a car before making a commitment.
  18. Car's come with an owners manual.
  19. Your car does not care if you get fat and walk around with no shirt on.
  20. You have 100% complete control over the direction of that car at all times.
  21. You can stare at nice cars in a parking lot and your car won't care.
  22. You can't put a bumper sticker that says "How's my driving? Dial 1-800- EAT-S*IT!" on a woman.
  23. Car's could not care less about commitment.
  24. You don't mind too much if your friends always want a ride in your car.
  25. If your car is being repaired, you can usually get a loaner car.
  26. If you are 21, you can legally rent a car. 'Nuff said..
  27. You can complain about how ratty your car looks and people think it's funny.
  28. You can sell your car to a complete stranger and nobody will get mad at you.
  29. A woman does not have keyless entry or remote ignition
  30. and finally. There are 50 year old cars that still look good

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