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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

10 Fast Food Screw Ups

  1. Ask for last months specials.
  2. Place your order in three different languages if you don't know any, make them up.
  3. When they repeat your order totally change it. Repeat as desired.
  4. Order a whopper from McDonalds, when they say they don't have whoppers insist that they do. If they still argue demand to see a manager then when you talk to them order a normal meal and say i don't know what's up with kids these days.
  5. Go to any burger joint and order Chinese.
  6. When ordering in the drive through, ask if its happy hour on draft beer.
  7. In summer turn stereo up full volume to Christmas music while ordering in drive through.
  8. Drive in the drive through, park, then go inside and order.
  9. Go through the drive through in reverse, again.
  10. Wait for the busiest time of day, after paying get out of car, get jack out of trunk and proceed to rotate tires.

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