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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Blonde Daycare Center

A blonde mother runs her own daycare business. She has two of her own kids and has about 15 kids in her daycare. One day the blonde takes the children to the park to play, when a brunette walks up and notices the blonde and her daycare kids.

She goes to the blonde and asks her, "Are all these kids yours?"

The blonde replies, "No, I have two of my own."

The brunette proceeds to ask which two are the blonde's.

The blonde laughs and says. "My kids go to the YMCA daycare center."

The brunette asks in a puzzled voice, "Why are they there when you run your own daycare?"

The blonde looks at her and says, "Because I can't afford what I charge."

1 comment:

  1. Coming to think of it, this does not look like a joke.
    If she charges say 10$ per day per child and she sends her children at a 5$ per day care then she is actually earning 10$ extra by taking in two more kids instead of caring for her two. That way, one can actually say that she cannot afford to take care of her own babies(for the loss of $10 per day) :)

    Other jokes on your site are awesome BTW!


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