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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Drinking And Driving???

Harry didn't stop his car at some traffic-lights when they were red, and he hit another car. 

Harry jumped out and went to it. There were an old man in the car. He was very frightened and said to Harry: "What are you doing? You nearly killed me!". "Yes", Harry answer, "I am very sorry". 

He took a bottle out of his car and said: “Drink some of this. Then you’ll fell better”. He gave the man some whisky, and the man drank it, but then he shouted again: “You nearly killed me!”. Harry gave him the bottle again, and the old man drank a lot of the whisky. 

Then he smiled and said to Harry: “Thank you. I fell much better now. But why aren't you drinking?”.Oh, well”, Harry answer, “I don’t want any whisky now. I'm going to sit here and wait for police”.

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