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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Last Evacuation Drill !

XYZ Office -> A fire alarm rang at 6 PM when almost all shift employees were in the office (approx 5000). As usual the entire office was evacuated within 3 mins & all employees gathered outside the office.

10 mins passed...... ......... ......... ......... .5 more mins passed.
Security Officer -> Announcement starts,

"Dear Employees - With melting heart I am making this announcement that for many of you it will be the last evacuation drill, as we are laying off almost 80% of employees. So whose ever ID card does not work when moving back inside the building are laid off & all their belongings would be couriered to them tomorrow. We followed this approach as we don't want to fill the email box size with layoff mails & also to avoid any fight inside the office".

Hope you have nice career ahead.
Please move in & try your luck.

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